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At Charterprime, we have embraced a simple yet powerful philosophy; we believe in making business personal. This is reflected in everything we do at Charterprime, where we pride ourselves on creating bespoke solutions for all our valued partners. We invest time, capital and resources into solidifying business with longevity and value for all.

Our team is built from a pool of professionals with real industry experience. Our team comprises of a multitude of industry experts from all over the globe with a diverse range of specialties; and together our global team collaborates in tight synchronicity to make Charterprime a world-leading award-winning broker.

Since its establishment, Charterprime is committed to maintaining good connections with a number of top liquidity and technology providers. The sophistication of our technical infrastructure and strength of our long-term liquidity partners allows us to offer our clients the lowest and most competitive spread, with impressive depth in all instruments.

We strive to exceed the typical customer support expectations, to better equip our clients with additional support and tools to ensure the best trading experience. This includes market analysis tools, personal account managers, 24 hour customer service team.

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The Shanghai Forex Expo is a yearly assembly of the industry's largest major foreign exchange companies, binary options brokers, CFD and futures brokers. Charterprime was graciously awarded the "Best Liquidity Provider" and "the Most Transparent Forex Broker" for three consecutive years (2015 - 2017). In addition, Charterprime has succeeded in bagging the coveted "Best STP / ECN Broker" for the first time in 2017. It is important for forex brokers to prove their strength and be recognized in order to obtain the best resources in this industry.


Charterprime was awarded the coveted "Best STP/ ECN Broker" for the first time in 2017, leading to increased client confidence, and greater recognition amongst industry peers. Besides that, Charterprime has been continuously awarded "Best Liquidity Provider" and "Most Transparent Forex Broker" for three consecutive years.


Charterprime was crowned the winner of "Best Liquidity Provider" and "Most Transparent Forex Broker" in 2016. Charterprime commits to uphold in-depth liquidity and provide clients with competitive pricing as we promise to create the most ideal trading environment for traders. Adhering to strict financial standards and reliable regulation, we trade true market conditions and ensure that there are no requotes or manipulation of prices.


In conjunction with the 2015 China's 2nd Forex Expo, Charterprime was named "Best Liquidity Provider" and "Most Transparent Forex Broker" with honors.

Meet The Team

Mathew Tate

Mathew Tate is one of two Managing Partners of Charterprime Pty Ltd. Mathew has over 10 years' experience in the financial industry with extensive experience in foreign exchange, equities and associated OTC derivatives markets.

In addition to Charterprime, Mathew serves as a corporate advisor to a U.S. SEC regulated asset management firm and a South-East Asian based mining and commodity organisation. Mathew also advises various established corporations to increase alpha from oil and precious metal hedging activities.

Mathew is a fully accredited foreign exchange and derivative specialist, holding multiple RG146 (Regulatory Guide) compliance accreditations.

Mathews current role sees him responsible for ensuring that Charterprime Pty Ltd continues to grow in key markets whilst providing an outstanding trading experience to Charterprime's highly valued existing client base.

In his spare time, Mathew enjoys travelling, experiencing new cultures and searching the globe.

Simon Stephen

Simon Stephen is one of two Managing Partners of Charterprime Pty Ltd. Simon has over 7 years' experience in the financial sector and comes from a wide-ranging background of business strategy, product development and key relationship management specialising in the financial sector.

In addition to Charterprime, Simon acts as a consultant for corporate structuring and venture capital projects with a strong focus in developing essential foundations for growth. He is currently serving as lead advisor to a Singaporean based corporate lending platform to further their influence throughout the Asia Pacific.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance as well as a Bachelor of Law Degree (Hons). Simon is also a fully accredited foreign exchange and derivative specialist, holding multiple RG146 (Regulatory Guide) compliance accreditations.

Simons current role sees him using his integral understanding of financial markets to ensure that Charterprime's infrastructure and trading environments are optimal for the ever-evolving market conditions. In addition to this, Simon is responsible for maintaining key relationships and driving growth in key markets for Charterprime.

Simons interests include following all forms of Rugby Union and getting pressured into performing live music

Nigel Harvey

Nigel Harvey is Director and Responsible Manager of Charterprime Pty Ltd. Nigel has over 30 years' experience in Financial Markets and comes from an investment banking and derivatives background. The first two decades of Nigel's career were as an Investment Banker with Chase Manhattan, Barclays, JP Morgan and Macquarie Bank in a variety of roles, principally running energy derivatives businesses across the Asia Pacific.

In addition to Charterprime, Nigel acts as an Executive Director to publicly listed entities, a compliance specialist and Non-Executive Director for a non-profit community support organisation. He is highly regarded for his outstanding management and development of many successful Australian Financial Services Licenses (AFSLs).

Branching out from Australia, Nigel was educated and started his career in Britain and the Middle East as a journalist prior to moving into investment banking.

Nigel's position at Charterprime sees him responsible for ensuring the business operates compliantly within the very strict Australian regulatory environment (ASIC) and that the continued growth of the business is done in a compliant manner.

Nigel has 4 adult children and enjoys body surfing and playing golf (badly) in his spare time.

Bobby Winters

Bobby Winters holds the position of Head of Institutional Sales APAC for the Charterprime group of companies. Bobby is a seasoned FX veteran with over 10 years' experience in the OTC derivatives market.

Bobby started his career at FXCM and has since held multiple executive positions at Tier 1 prime brokerages. Bobby has also served as Managing Director to a foreign exchange technology development firm. His expertise spans from tailoring liquidity for unique Client needs, to managing and motivating entire regional FX sales teams.

In addition to his role at Charterprime, Bobby Winters has also acted as a consultant for the establishment, optimisation and growth of over 25 brokers in a wide variety of regulatory environments.

Bobby's position at Charterprime as Head of Institutional Sales sees him responsible for developing new relationships in both institutional and retail markets throughout south east Asia.

Bobby enjoys regular games of Golf and Chess. He has aspirations to be good at both games, eventually.

Jackson Toal

Jackson Toal is the current Senior Account Manager at Charterprime Pty Ltd. Jackson is a seasoned relationship manager with years of experience developing and building relationships with key counterparties and valued clients.

Jackson has held multiple management level roles with a focus on relationships in various industries including construction, financial services, event management and logistics. His diverse range of experience makes him an asset to the company with his high level of relationship management skills.

Jackson is a fully accredited foreign exchange and derivative specialist, holding three RG146 compliance accreditations to comply with ASIC training standards.

In his current position, Jackson is responsible for ensuring that Clients' needs are met and that support is always delivered to the meticulous standards of Charterprime. Jackson also ensures that operations within the Sydney office run smoothly.

In his spare time, Jackson enjoys audio engineering and talking about fitness.

Alistair Schultz

Alistair Schultz serves as a market analyst and operations specialist for Charterprime Pty Ltd. Alistair has 10 years of experience in the OTC derivatives industry with an impressive background in market analysis and implementation of algorithmic market execution.

Alistair started his career 10 years ago in New York working on various prop trading desks with an extensive focus on the automation and optimisation of trading strategies. This experience has given Alistair a wide knowledge of the operational aspects of most industry standard trading platforms.

After returning to Australia Alistair obtained a Diploma of Financial Services, making him a highly trained RG146 compliant financial specialist. In addition to these qualifications, Alistair is currently in the process of obtaining his Master's Degree in Applied Finance at Macquarie University in Sydney.

Alistair's current role sees him responsible for the ongoing integrity of the operational aspects of the Charterprime trading infrastructure in addition to providing our client facing market recap newsletters. These market updates provide a wealth of both fundamental and technical analysis information.

In his spare time, Alistair is working on a government recognised foreign exchange qualification program. He is also an avid motorcycle rider and all round automotive (BMW only) enthusiast.

Hillary Wang

Hillary Wang is the Financial Controller for Charterprime Pty Ltd. Hillary has over 8 years of experience as a financial analyst and financial intelligence specialist.

Hillary started her career at KPMG and has had a diverse career working for multiple fortune 500 companies. During this time, Hillary developed a keen interest in financial markets and looked to the Australian financial sector to pursue her passion for this field.

Hillary holds a Bachelor of business from Tongji University in Shanghai and elected to obtain her Certified Practising Accountant qualifications in Australia.

In her position at Charterprime, she is responsible for the finances of the business, this involves both controlling of finances, ensuring audits are completed on time and developing essential financial intelligence reports. These reports are key in assisting management in optimising revenues and making data driven decisions during expansion phases.

In her spare time Hillary enjoys reading, yoga, exploring the world's vast history and hunting down the best places to enjoy fine dining.

Reuben van Dijk

Reuben van Dijk is Head of Operations at Charterprime. Reuben has over 5 years of experience in business analysis and capital markets.

Reuben commenced his career at Deloitte, working in their private equity division. He focused on compliance planning and financial modelling for high growth enterprises. He then joined Westpac Bank's risk team, gaining insight into risk strategy. This built a deep knowledge of anti money laundering regulation and practice, and experience in collaborating with government agencies. He has also managed a boutique fund targeting developing economies, built on the understanding that global change presents capital opportunities.

In his current role, Reuben ensures that a range of projects are carefully planned and seamlessly executed, with a focus on Client Experience.  Reuben designs and implements bespoke liquidity and technology solutions for Charterprime's institutional clients.

In his spare time, Reuben enjoys hiking, ancient civilisations, and trying new foods.

Timothy Blanchard

Timothy Blanchard is our Chief Solutions Engineer, delivering bespoke institutional solutions. He has over 30 years of experience in a diverse range of financial services roles from the insurance industry to currency markets.

Tim commenced his career in the insurance industry in the United States, responsible for building and optimising sales teams, as well as driving business development. Eventually he diversified into currency markets, moving into the institutional liquidity industry. 

Tim's current role as Chief Solutions engineer involves bringing bespoke technology and key market knowledge to empower our clients. His extensive knowledge in the industry has been key to his success in developing great solutions for Charterprime.

When he's not on the job, Tim enjoys travelling and exploring new places.

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