Institutional Specialist Solutions

Custom Development

Charterprime has an in-house development team which can create tailored solutions to suit you or your company’s needs. Our dedicated team are knowledgeable across financial markets and bring years of experience to developing complex solutions. They are able to code in multiple languages and integrate solutions with existing or new technology.

Whatever the task, our in-house development team can work closely with you to deliver a unique technical solution that matches your requirements.

Multi Account Management

Charterprime offers high performance multi account manager solutions that can be customised to your trading needs. Commonly referred to as MAM/PAMM technology, Multi Account Management and Percentage Allocated Management Module software allows Money Managers and Investors to interact through a secure platform.

MAM/PAMM Technology also provides the means for trading activities, account reconciliation, deposits and withdrawals all from the same software suite.

If you’re a professional money manager, then you know the importance of partnering with a trusted broker to maintain your client relationships. Beyond trading returns, a simple, secure and well managed software solution is essential to grow your money management business.

White Label

For approved institutional clients that wish to provide their customers with a Prime of Prime liquidity solution under their own branding, we offer a competitive white label solution. This extensive offering covers liquidity, trading platforms and software. We have wealth of Industry experience we’re happy to put at your disposal.

We understand that every institution is different and that it is not a one size fits all application. We aim to understand your goals as a business and assist you in reaching them by tailoring a liquidity and software solution to help you grow.

Charterprime aims to provide your business with the tools to deliver a complete FX solution to your clients at highly competitive prices. We currently can assist clients with a variety of white label solutions ranging from standard MT4 and MT5 white labels to full CRM, bridge and engine deployments.

Fund & Asset Managers

The Charterprime team are no strangers to servicing highly regulated hedge funds and asset management companies. Charterprime has margin solutions in place that enable us to serve the needs of very sophisticated clientele. Ranging across banking, compliance, software and reporting – we’ve got solutions in place and ready to deployed when called upon.

Charterprime has software platforms that were built specifically with funds and asset managers wishing to access the interbank market in mind. We concentrate on offering a sophisticated trading solution which incorporates highly refined and transparent reporting options.

We are committed to delivering the best possible trading experience for our client. Our support team even runs a dedicated service for our institutional clients.

For more information regarding our Specialist Solutions please contact us here.

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