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Equinix data centers are regarded as a ‘must-have’ locations for any serious trading business. To this end Charterprime direct market access (DMA) servers are all hosted in LD4 (London) and NY4 (New York) equinix data centers. Cross connectivity to price-makers and liquidity providers ensures optimal and timely execution.

The core of this technology consists of an ultra-low latency order routing and pricing engine, giving Charterprime the opportunity to connect to a wide range of liquidity providers. The engine supports complex order routing and aggregation, as well as multi-band liquidity streams for superior execution on high trading volumes. Support for a wide variety of frontend interfaces (MT4, FIX, custom APIs) enables Charterprime to facilitate specific demands of a vast range of clientele. Charterprime’s technology offering enables clients to compose, customize and distribute their own liquidity via:

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PrimeXM is a proud Charterprime technology partner. Charterprime offers liquidity through PrimeXM’s proprietary order management system ‘XCore’. Charterprime uses Xcore to connect to liquidity providers and ensure the best bid/offer aggregation. This also leverages on PrimeXM’s connectivity to ensure the fastest optimized connection to liquidity sources. Charterprime also hosts multiple trading servers with PrimeXM, benefiting from enterprise level hardware, high security levels, and fully redundant network.

“Charterprime and PrimeXM have strong ties which rely on our shared understanding that the future of the finance industry should be driven by transparency and cutting-edge technology. We are proud to provide our sophisticated technology solutions for Charterprime as they are a brokerage which prioritises their clients’ needs by operating a STP model. We are proud to also host Charterprime’s trading servers in our infrastructure and we have ensured that Charterprime benefits from our ultra-low latency connectivity and is therefore able to provide the most reliable trading environment for its clients.” -Cristian Vlasceanu, PrimeXM CEO

About PrimeXM – PrimeXM is a leading technology provider to the finance industry. Our key offering is the XCore, a multi-tier best bid/offer aggregation and connectivity engine. It offers comprehensive reporting features, smart monitoring and risk management capabilities. The XCore is hosted in our fully-serviced infrastructure that spans across four strategic locations in Equinix LD4, NY4, TY3 and SH5. Many liquidity providers are collocated in our infrastructure which facilitates ultra-low latency connectivity and ensures a reliable trading environment.

PrimeXM’s offering extends to sophisticated hosting solutions which are supported by enterprise level hardware specifically designed for intensive workloads and the highest security levels available.

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Charterprime uses Flextrade for institutional clientele to access liquidity and for multi-asset management or multi-asset management tools. Flextrade are an industry pioneer and global leader in broker-neutral, execution and order management trading systems for equities, foreign exchange, options, futures and fixed income securities. Flextrade boasts buy- and sell-side clients in 45 countries, and position more than 400+ top software developers, industry experts and representatives across all trading regions.

Charterprime MaxxTrader is able to offer institutional buy-side and sell-side trading suites, intuitive trading tools, and advanced risk analytics. This ensures we can develop innovative needs-driven solutions and aim to enhance our Clients trading performance across the board.

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MT4 and MT5

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the market standard platform for trading forex and CFDs, analysing financial markets and using Expert Advisors. The user interface is both friendly and intuitive. This makes it an attractive option for new and experienced traders to interact with the market with ease and comfort. It’s long-running popularity amongst traders is a testament to its multiple benefits.

In addition to MT4’s user friendly trading features, the platform also offers advanced charting capabilities. This enables traders to utilise the technical aspects of the market while they trade. MT4 supports full customisation features, which allows traders of all types tailor the platform to meet their trading needs and methods. It is also available as a mobile or tablet application, allowing you to trade anywhere, anytime.

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MetaTrader 5

Building on the success of the MetaTrader 4 platform, MT5 was developed as a full service multi-asset platform. Charterprime offers the MT5 platform with its advanced trading functions, as well as superior tools for both technical and fundamental analysis. MT5 can also trade automatically through the use of expert advisors and algorithmic signals. The benefits of the MT5 platform include:

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Charterprime proudly promotes Spotware Systems and CTrader as a market access solution, as their interests align with Charterprime’s strong principle of transparency. Like Charterprime, Spotware Solutions aims to provide the best trading experience possible, by putting traders first.

As an approved broker of Spotware Systems, existing clientele can now receive liquidity from Charterprime through their platforms. For those interested in this trading suite solution, the key elements of a mutually beneficial relationship between Spotware Systems, Charterprime, and you:

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