Charterprime's Comparative Advantage

Everything we do at Charterprime, we believe in making it personal. We pride ourselves on creating personalized solutions for all of our valued Clients.

At Charterprime, our cause is not to do business with everyone who needs what we offer, but rather, do business with those who align with what we believe.

We do not aim to have just 'Clients', we strive to build long-term partnerships of value.

We provide our Clients direct market access to a range of financial markets globally; through the latest award-winning platform technology. Charterprime offers globally competitive liquidity, institutionally competitive spreads, and rapid order execution.

Structure and Registration

CHARTERPRIME LIMITED is incorporated in New Zealand under the Companies Act 1993 and registered with the Financial Services Providers Register (FSPR) (FSP no. 348606). Charterprime is classified as a 'K641130 stockbroking or trading' company. Charterprime is also registered with the necessary ombudsman for any dispute resolutions needing to occur, keeping us accountable to all Clients.

Tight Spreads, Deep Liquidity

Charterprime leverages on its long-term liquidity partners and industry relationships to provide a truly exceptional liquidity offering. We offer institutionally tight top-of-book pricing, whilst maintaining solid depth for larger order sizes.

Tailored Liquidity Solutions

Charterprime also customises and tailors liquidity offerings for its Clients. We work to meet and perpetually exceed each Client's individual liquidity needs.

We have spent several years establishing, expanding, and evolving our liquidity offering so that it remains competitive with best practice in the industry; on a basis of depth offered, speed of execution and tight pricing.

Our feed is composed of selected liquidity providers either into an aggregation, or available for relevant Client needs on a wholly STP basis. The parties that can be involved in our feed include:

  • Prime Brokers (such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank, JP Morgan etc.);
  • Prime of Prime Brokerages; and
  • Alternative Liquidity (such as Dark Pool Liquidity).

In each circumstance, we strive to match and best-fit Client's trading style, volume and securities to a provision of liquidity that will provide the necessary depth and competitively tight spreads.

Interests Aligned with Clients

Charterprime has been well-received among our Clients and regarded as a trusted broker, primarily due to our adoption of the STP (straight-through processing) model. Our transparency regarding the STP model, means we do not form any conflicts of interest with our Clients. Since we are aligned with our Clients, we will always aim to improve the liquidity, spreads and execution to ensure they have the greatest trading experience.

Professional assistance

Charterprime makes available to its Clients an exclusive Account Manager, whose role is to provide professional advice and assistance for enquiries of any kind. Our Account Managers have a wealth of trading experience and knowledge across all our instrument offerings. They are able to make provisions for detailed trade reporting and analysis pertaining to any orders executed.