The Shanghai Forex Expo is a yearly assembly of the industry's largest major foreign exchange companies, binary options brokers, CFD and futures brokers. Charterprime was graciously awarded the "Best Liquidity Provider" and "the Most Transparent Forex Broker" for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016). It is important for forex brokers to prove their strength and be recognized in order to obtain the best resources in this industry.

Best Liquidity Provider 2015

Working in tandem with financial institutions from all around the globe, Charterprime strives to provide customers with an immensely deep and liquid market, which produces the most competitive prices in the market.

Most Transparent Forex Broker 2015

Honesty and integrity have been an integral part of Charterprime's principle particularly, on our effort in offering the most transparent quotes and rapid execution of orders without repetitive pricing.

Best Liquidity Provider 2016

Continue to uphold in-depth liquidity and provide clients with competitive pricing. We promise to create the most ideal trading environment for traders.

Most Transparent Forex Broker 2016

Adhering to strict financial standards and reliable regulation. We trade true market conditions and ensure that there are no requotes or manipulation of prices.